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Ashdod is the fifth largest city in Israel, located in the southern district of the Country, on the Mediterranean coast. The Port of Ashdod is Israel's largest port accounting for 60% of the Country's imported goods. It remains one of the few deep water ports in the world to be built on the open sea, and its construction involved great engineering challenges. It has become a very important centre for the Israeli and international navigation and for all the cargo ships that here find a high level service.

Portos de Galicia
Galicia (Spain)

Galicia has 28 sport harbours, equipped with all kind of services: 20 of them are managed by Portos de Galicia, while the other 8 harbours are managed by the Harbour Authorities. They have 8.812 berthing quays in total: 4.730 belong to Portos de Galicia and 4.082 belong to the general purpose harbours. Portos de Galicia, a public body which is member of the Council of Territorial Jurisdiction, Public Works and Transports, is drawing up a “General Plan” that must consider and resolve, in a reasonable way, the development of sport harbours.

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