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T17 Secante
Cesena (Italy)

The characteristics of the works are as follows: two independent separate carriageways, two lanes in each direction, no crossroads, tunnel about 1.600m long fitted with a vehicle exhaust fume treatment system, natural and artificial noise-proofing barriers, sliproads at intersections with urban road networks.

Metro Torino
Turin (Italy)

Line 1 of the Turin Subway   covers a route from Rivoli - Cascine Vica - Collegno - Porta Nuova - Lingotto - Piazza Bengasi which is roughly 28 km long. The trains use an automatic control system which allows them to operate without operators onboard and reduce waiting times, up to 69 seconds. 

Sagrada Familia
Barcellona (Spain)

The magnificent cathedral combines the classic Gothic elements with the undulating signs which are typical of Gaudi's architecture. The architect died before completing his work, but the story tells that it underwent a series of constant evolutions. The result is that there is still a work site open and construction on the cathedral still continues today. The Sagrada Familia is the symbol of Barcellona and interprets the visionary genius of this great architect to the best.

Feralpi Group
Lonato (Italy)

Over the years, the Feralpi Group has mainly developed its business in the building steel sector. In the steelworks sector, this development lead to the acquisition of important companies in Italy and other parts of Europe. The Group is one of the top and most highly qualified European manufacturers in this sector.

Brescia (Italy)

Officine Riunite Italiane started its activities in the mechanical sector back in 1902.

Over the years to come it focused on top quality and special steels; it developed a range of products for specialised use, it acquires the technology needed to respond to the demands of a clientele that requires quality and product continuity.

United Kingdom

The Intertissue plant produces paper and is located at the Baglan Energy Park. Its range of products comprises toilet paper, paper hand and kitchen towels. Intertissue  produces for many leading brands in this range of products  (e.g. the REGINA brand). 

Casale Cremasco (Italy)

Danone S.p.A. produces and markets fresh milk and cheese products in Italy, reaching a turnover of over 400 million euro per annum. Danone supplies Italian consumers with a wide range of food products, enriched with natural ingredients which, further to the normal benefits of yoghurt, also have a positive effect on the health and well-being of adults and children. 

Brescia (Italy)

Gnutti machinery was founded in Brescia in 1955 and was one of the first companies to launch itself on the market as a supplier of tooling machines. It is currently the world leader in the sector of designing and building transfer machines, with rotating tables, linear and drum layouts. 

Brescia (Italy)

In 1998 a highly advanced heat generation station (heat exchanger) was built with the unusual feature that it burns waste and recovers this energy to produce electricity and heat.

Palazzoli S.p.A.
via F. Palazzoli, 31
25128 Brescia BS
+39 030 2015.1
+39 030 2015.217 (Ita) - +39 030 2015.258 (export)