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External surfaces

Gabriele D'Annunzio Airport
Montichiari (Italy)

The Brescia Airport dates back to 1909 and the landing strip was used in the First World War. The potential catchment area for merchandise sectors develops over 65% of total national production, generating annual import/export air traffic flows of over 500.000 tons a year. The strategic location is also ideal as an intercontinental hub.

Monza Race Track
Monza (Italy)

The Monza Race Track is the largest Italian motorsport complex and is one of the most complete and famous in the world. It currently has three tracks: the Gran Prix track, 5.793m; the Junior track, with lighting for night time races, 2.405m; the speed track with overhead bends for  record attempts and technical testing, 4.250m.

Riccardo Paletti Race Track
Varano (Italy)

The "Riccardo Paletti" Race Track, generally known as 'Varano' is located in the Cisa Pass area near Parma, its location makes it one of the most popular tracks for the enthusiasts in Northern Italy, as it is so easy to reach.

The track is very technical and guided, but also ideal for both newcomers and experts, who always enjoy one of the most famous bends on the circuit, the "Horse Shoe".