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Fratelli Muratori
Adro (Italy)

The Fratelli Muratori farming business represents a completely new reality on the national wine producing scenario. It was established quite recently but its numbers and labels already place it among the most interesting newcomers on the market. 

Monte Rossa
Bornato (Italy)

The Monte Rossa farming business is located in a 17th century villa in Bornato, right on top of the hill that dominates the village. It was established in 1972 and after many years of meticulous selecting of vines and grapes, it now specialises in producing Franciacorta wine and is one of the most renowned in the area.

Pio Cesare
Alba (Italy)

This is one of the historical wine cellars in Italy, located in the heart of the old city of Alba, created back in 1881 by Pio Cesare, great-grandfather of the current owners. These cellars produce and refine wines which are typical of the Langhe: Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Arneis. 

Manerba del Garda (Italy)

A tradition that dates back to 1931 when Cav. Giovanni Avanzi produced his first excellent red wine from the grapes cultivated on the western banks of Lake Garda. The business expanded when it purchased the splendid 17th century property in Manerba del Garda which became the backfrop and prestigious headquarters for the production of finest quality red and rosé wines. 

Brescia (Italy)

In 1998 a highly advanced heat generation station (heat exchanger) was built with the unusual feature that it burns waste and recovers this energy to produce electricity and heat.

Brescia (Italy)

Gnutti machinery was founded in Brescia in 1955 and was one of the first companies to launch itself on the market as a supplier of tooling machines. It is currently the world leader in the sector of designing and building transfer machines, with rotating tables, linear and drum layouts. 

SL Invernizzi
Trecate (Italy)

The seasoning facility is an avant-garde concern developed to comply with European health and quality standards. The SI Invernizzi plant is located in Trecate, with a covered area of 10.000 sqm and a storage capacity of 100.000 forms.

Casale Cremasco (Italy)

Danone S.p.A. produces and markets fresh milk and cheese products in Italy, reaching a turnover of over 400 million euro per annum. Danone supplies Italian consumers with a wide range of food products, enriched with natural ingredients which, further to the normal benefits of yoghurt, also have a positive effect on the health and well-being of adults and children. 

Artigiana prosciutti
San Daniele del Friuli (Italy)

The prosciutto ham produced by Artigiana San Daniele in Friuli has a characteristic mandolin shape, a weight of no less than 11 kg and it is compact and pink when sliced. It has a typical fragrance and a sweet taste. It is always marketed with a specific marking that identifies the product. This marking consists in a logo with the letters “SD" which is fire branded onto the product. 

Brescia (Italy)

The challenge of “IL PASTAIO” began in Brescia where, without foresaking the passion and tradition of its local gastronomic culture, it goes a step further and makes its mark on international markets where it supplies specialities with highly intrinsic characteristics.

Azzano Mella (Italy)

The company is located in Azzano Mella, just south of Brescia, in the heart of the Padana plains which has been the fatherland to the famous Grana Padano cheese for centuries. And this is the prize cheese produced by Caseificio Stabiumi, a company that has always been a member of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium and was one of the actual founders.

Grassobbio (Italy)

The Allegrini company was established in 1945, with a precise business purpose: to produce top quality chemicals with maximum respect for the environment. The range of products includes antifreeze, paints, bleaches, deodorants, detergents, disinfectants, lubricators, polishes and solvents. 

United Kingdom

The Intertissue plant produces paper and is located at the Baglan Energy Park. Its range of products comprises toilet paper, paper hand and kitchen towels. Intertissue  produces for many leading brands in this range of products  (e.g. the REGINA brand). 

Gorizia (Italy)

The Azienda Provinciale Trasporti (Provincial Transport Company) has been working in the public transport sector in Isontino with one single objective: to provide its citizens with an accessible, economical, safe, practical means of transport which ensures efficient connections between outskirts and villages, schools and work places. 

Brescia (Italy)

Cooperativa Miglioramento Agricolo Zootecnico s.c.a.r.l. provides services including drying, storage and subsidised marketing of its own cereals and chemical-qualitative analyses on company fodder. Their core activity is the production of simple and compound feedstuffs, saline and vitamin supplements, milk for calves and many other. 

Fanna (Italy)

This cement plant supplies a wide range of hydraulic binders, both Portland and Pozzolanici types, guaranteeing best possible results in all fields of application, to satisfy the various requirements this market has. 

Brescia (Italy)

Officine Riunite Italiane started its activities in the mechanical sector back in 1902.

Over the years to come it focused on top quality and special steels; it developed a range of products for specialised use, it acquires the technology needed to respond to the demands of a clientele that requires quality and product continuity.

Feralpi Group
Lonato (Italy)

Over the years, the Feralpi Group has mainly developed its business in the building steel sector. In the steelworks sector, this development lead to the acquisition of important companies in Italy and other parts of Europe. The Group is one of the top and most highly qualified European manufacturers in this sector.