Industrial indoorsmallssports facilitiesoutdoor venueswarehouseshangars
Industrial plants, storage warehouses, sports and shopping centers and food sectors constitute a field of application for which Palazzoli has developed products with high electrical and lighting performance, great ease of installation and total absence of maintenance. Thanks to the many mounting accessories available, the products can be installed in any environment, both indoors and outdoors.
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The company boasts consolidated experience in extreme environments in which flammable materials, oxidizing chemicals, saline solutions, acids and motor and vegetable oils are treated. Palazzoli is the absolute market leader in Atex products, anti-explosion equipment intended for high-risk environments. Power plants, chemical industries, oil platforms, military bases and refineries are just some of the areas in which electrical and lighting equipment must prevent any spark propagation and ensure safe and reliable operation over time.
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TunnelsRoundaboutsRoadsHighwaysLarge areas
High electrical and lighting performance, high mechanical standards and product reliability are the basis of Palazzoli's success in the field of tunnels and galleries. Thanks to the great variety of solutions developed, the company has the answer for every type of need, whatever the road sections or installation heights of roads and highways, roundabouts, junctions and parking lots.
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Cruise shipsMilitary vesselsOil rigssubmarines
Thanks to the knowledge acquired over more than one hundred years of experience on military and submarine ships, oil platforms and cruise ships, Palazzoli is now able to offer a series of products whose technology meets all the requirements of the sector. The ceiling lights are available in the stainless steel version for exteriors or in galvanized steel for interiors, they are resistant to corrosion because of the high quality of the materials used and the special working and treatments they are submitted.
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