Palazzoli today

Palazzoli's mission is to provide an innovative model based on the excellence of the products, on the convenience of installation and on the duration of performance, to make our customer the author of a state-of-the-art electrical system and of high-quality lighting solutions.

Our green vision

Palazzoli satisfies human's need to express the evolution in the distribution of low voltage energy and lighting, with the aim of leaving an imprint in the electrotechnical and lighting world.

Palazzoli is the reference specialist for its customers, being inspiring, innovative and vital. Clarity of function, simplicity of the project, quality of manufacture and excellence of service guide Palazzoli's choices.

The two dedicated divisions "electrical systems" and "lighting" create new products also on customer specifications, for Industry, Atex, Infrastructure and Marine sectors.

Codice etico
Il documento raccoglie i principi etici e i valori di Palazzoli, le condotte e i comportamenti di coloro che operano nell’interesse delle Società del “Gruppo”, sia all’interno che all’esterno dell’organizzazione aziendale delle Società del Gruppo.
Brand identity
Perché abbiamo un Brand Book? Un linguaggio verbale e visivo coordinato identifica inequivocabilmente la Natura, lo Spirito, la Visione e l’Azione Palazzoli. La chiarezza rende semplice la comunicazione tra tutte le figure che concorrono a creare ulteriore notorietà al brand Palazzoli.

A GREEN company

Palazzoli is strongly committed to GREEN issues: sustainability, respect for the environment, reduction of energy consumption, supply through renewable energy sources. The company has already passed the milestones set by the Kyoto protocol for 2020 with:

<p>A GREEN company<strong><br /></strong></p>