Special product requests

What are special products?

By special products we mean all items derived from Palazzoli's standard range and modified according to the particular specifications of the applicant.

The whole range of Palazzoli products can become a special item in the following ways.

After choosing the item of normal production that is closest in terms of technical characteristics to the desired item, it is necessary to fill in the specific form.

The request for an offer is processed by the Palazzoli Technical Office which carries out the feasibility study.

It is necessary to completely fill in the personal data required by the forms as, should it be necessary to clarify some aspects of your request, you would be contacted directly.

Palazzoli elaborates a technical specification indicating:

In the event of a negative result, the documentation will be returned to you and you will be informed of the reasons that prevented the construction of the requested product.

In the event of a positive outcome, if the technical specification received meets your needs, you can issue the order by reporting the code of the special product in the documentation.

This code is always preceded by an "S" (eg. SP22160) and is written on the top left of the Palazzoli technical specification.

Each code uniquely identifies an article which, once assigned, will define it. If in the future it is necessary to reorder it, it can be done through the same code.

Finally, we remind you that all budgeting, design and assistance services are completely free. To request a quote for the creation of a "Special Product", send an email to:


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