The new GENERAL CATALOGUE COMPOSER software allows you to: customizecreatearchive and send your technical files in PDF format with products for electrical systems for Palazzoli lighting.




The 7 advantages of the General Catalogue Composer software

General Catalogue Composer allows you to create electronic documents to describe in detail the design choices, through the pages of the Palazzoli General Catalogue 2023, with the always updated technical data of the products for electrification and lighting.

Find out what the 7 benefits are.

1) With General Catalogue Composer you look good: present a professional offer.

The General Catalogue Composer tool allows you to create custom electronic documents to describe your design choices in detail.

With just a few clicks, you can create your own orderly, professional and digital technical file that you can use with your customers.

2) Enhance your image: on General Catalogue Composer you can customize the cover of your technical file

On General Catalogue Composer you can customize the cover of your technical file.

You can upload:

3) With General Catalogue Composer the technical specifications of the products are always updated

General Catalogue Composer communicates directly with the Palazzoli ERP management, this allows you to have online technical information always updated.

If you want to add the dynamic datasheets of Palazzoli products to your technical file, just click on the product code of interest and a PDF page will be added to your file.

4) General Catalogue Composer: a solution-driven system

How can you add pages to your technical file?

How do you find the information you're looking for? General Catalogue Composer can be navigated in the following ways:

With little information, each of these operations will lead you to a result.

5) With General Catalogue Composer build your file in a few clicks

With each click an action, our software is so intuitive that with a few steps you will have the opportunity to build your complete technical file.

No need to add more… try to compose your complete technical file now!

6) General Catalogue Composer: practical and searchable, mypalazzoli online archive

Are you already registered in the MyPalazzoli reserved area?

If you register in our reserved area, you have the possibility to directly archive your technical files, which can be consulted at any time.

So what could she do about it? Follow these simple steps

Not registered yet? The program will require the insertion of the email to which to send the link of the technical file just created at the time of saving.

7) Size the day, your technical file in real time

Fast, always available, always at hand, always up-to-date: General Catalogue Composer.