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Fire Proof Light

Fire Proof Light

The FP Light mark identifies Palazzoli light fixtures with additional thermal performances to ensure proper functioning in the first minutes after a tunnel fire.

FP Light fixtures are installed at a height > 1.8 m and are required to resist at least 10 minutes at 150°C which ensures a minimum level of illuminance of the tunnel section affected by the fire. FP Light light fixtures comply with IEC Standard 34-193:2022. (Guide to the design of tunnel light fixtures with additional thermal performance).

The tunnel lighting systems are divided into modules of not more than 150 m in length and designed in such a way that, even in the event of an accident or fire, if a single module is damaged, continuity of service for the upstream and downstream modules is guaranteed.

In case of fire, given the high temperatures that develop and the likely presence of opaque smoke, continuity of service is not normally mandatory. Therefore, in these conditions, individual fire resistant light fixtures are not required.

Although light fixtures in the proximity of fire are expendable elements, for the first few minutes after the fire has started, it is however necessary to guarantee operations in the presence of the temperatures generated by the fire itself for allowing people or vehicles to evacuate and safely move away from the danger zone.




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