Palazzoli, 120 years of energy and light

In 1904, passion, trust, and courage ignited Federico Palazzoli.

Every day, innovation, excellence, and sustainability ignite the Palazzoli team.


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Customer focused operations

well-defined roles for the best customer experience.


Smart engineering

reliable products as result of a consistent engineering process looking for innovation.


Top manufacture

State-of-the-art technology and operations for top quality products.


Service excellence

Timely and continuous customer support from the project evaluation to the aftersales.


These values are our guiding principles.


We power and illuminate various sectors:






Palazzoli products ensure the safe distribution of energy.

Through energy,

the ability to perform work is realized.

With Palazzoli products, work is executed effectively.

It takes energy to distribute energy.



Palazzoli products illuminate effectively.

Through light,

the ability to see is revealed.

With Palazzoli products, visibility is optimized where it is needed.

It takes light to see better.

Palazzoli products epitomize the passion and commitment that characterize Italian industry.


Thank you for helping us reach this milestone:

120 years of innovation.


Everything requires a socket to function,

Everything requires light to be seen.



once installed, you can forget it.