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- LAMAPAL - Palazzoli marine aluminium alloy

LAMAPAL Palazzoli marine aluminium alloy

The LAMAPAL brand name identifies products made of Palazzoli aluminium alloy with anti-corrosion treatment consisting in fluorzirconium plating and in a heat-cured powder coating.

As a result, Palazzoli aluminium alloy products have a high resistance to corrosivity (corrosion category C5-M/C4-H), to impact IK > 10 and to temperature -40 °C + 70 °C.

They are particularly suitable for coastal areas, desert areas, hot processing of metals and materials in general, as well as swimming pools, cold-storage warehouses, environments with the presence of highly abrasive substances, condensation and high pollution.

Palazzoli was one of the first companies to exclude hexavalent chromium from its production cycle and today, in addition to using recycled and non-mined aluminium, it has excluded any kind of poison from its industrial activity. Last but not least, over seventy percent of the PALAZZOLI's energy consumption is covered with energy from renewable sources.

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