Junction boxes in aluminium alloy with terminal block for multi-pole cables with cable gland for emergency circuits IP66 - 850°C 90’

Data sheet Line cable sections Terminals type Dimensions Hole type Code
4x4 mm² / 3G (2F+T) 4 mm² - 4x 4X6 mm² 185X252X152 mm M32 151241
4x10 mm² / 3G (2F+T) 10mm² 4X16 mm² 185X252X152 mm M32 151242
4x16 mm² / 3G (2F+T) 16mm² 4X16 mm² 185X252X152 mm M40 151252
4x25 mm² / 3G (2F+T) 25mm² - 4 4X40 mm² 185X252X152 mm M40 increased (22 - 32 mm) 151264
3x50 mm²+ 25mm²/ 3G (2F+T) 50 4X70 mm² 252X315X193 mm M50 151275
3G (2F+T) 50 mm² 4X70 mm² 252X315X193 mm M63 151285