Cable glands in insulating material with metric pitch with long thread IP68

Data sheet Thread Assembly hole Tightening diameter screw length Code
M12X1,5 12,5mm 2,5÷6,5mm 15mm 581112
M16X1,5 16,5mm 3,5÷10mm 15mm 581116
M20X1,5 20,5mm 7÷14mm 15mm 581120
M25X1,5 25,5mm 9÷18mm 15mm 581125
M32X1,5 32,5mm 14÷25mm 15mm 581132
M40X1,5 40,5mm 18÷32mm 18mm 581140
M50X1,5 50,5mm 24÷38,5mm 18mm 581150
M63X1,5 63,5mm 35÷48mm 18mm 581163