X-TIGUA - Light multiplies


X-TIGUA - up to 120000 lm

X- TIGUA is the new high luminous flux luminaire available in floodlight, suspension and road tunnel versions. X-TIGUA has been designed in a modular form able to adapt to different installation needs.

META 150 - The range expands


Light quality meets maximum efficiency

META150 saves over 70% on energy consumption and, with 230,000 hours of life, reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. Choosing this lighting is an investment that can be amortized in just 2 years.

RINO - Lighting and saving


RINO features:

  • Simplified installation: hooking to the ceiling without opening the device
  • Durable and safe: stainless casing
  • Efficient and effective: high luminous efficiency
  • Visual comfort: UGR glare index <22

TIGUA - Lighting and saving


Tailor-made lighting

TIGUA is the new professional lighting fixture for projection and suspension.
Thanks to the multiple photometric solutions, it guarantees the best visual conditions.

RINO-EX - Lighting and saving


RINO-EX features:

  • Higher safety: for zone 2, 21, 22
  • Durable and safe: stainless casing
  • Can be installed anywhere: in any environment
  • Excellent visual comfort: UGR glare index <22
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