CONTACT - Fire-resistant terminal blocks


The new CONTACT modular terminal blocks have been designed as the ideal complement to the
Palazzoli heavy-duty enclosures. Made of stainless steel and ceramic, these terminal blocks are designed
to provide reliable performance even under the most critical conditions, including fire resistance.

FIREBOX - Fire-resistant junction boxes


FIREBOX series fire-resistant junction boxes, are certified in class E30, E60, E90 according to DIN 4102-12. The boxes are made of halogen-free technopolymer and steel, freely customizable with single and double-ended ceramic terminal blocks, ceramic fuse bases and signal terminal blocks.

TAIS 125A - in Palazzoli thermosetting GRP



is the ONLY ONE that allows the construction of 16A to 125A distribution boards.

New ALUPRES - in marine aluminium


The new ALUPRES range

reduces wiring times and makes it possible to create panels from 16A to 630A.

ROTOR - The unique switched interlocked mobile socket


ROTOR is the unique range of switched interlocked mobile sockets,

from 16A to 125A.

X-CEE - Safety Performance


X-CEE mobile plugs and sockets

in reinforced technopolymer, with protection degree up to IP69


YUMA - Floodlights and pendant light fixtures in 316L stainless steel


Range of projectors designed to offer the best solutions in industrial and marine applications. The body is made of stainless steel to
ensure strength and durability even in aggressive marine environments. YUMA is compatible with the DALI protocol and can be integrated into control systems for luminaire management.

DARWIN – Floodlight up to 195000 lm


DARWIN is the new ideal floodlight for outdoor areas, sports stadium towers, warehouses, and shopping centers. Thanks to its compactness and modularity, it's possible to achieve solutions with high luminous flux. DARWIN is available in the standard version with DALI control system and for high temperatures up to +70°C.

FLIGHT - Roadway lighting systems


FLIGHT is the new road roadway lighting systems made of EN44300 aluminum alloy. The FLIGHT range offers various lighting options, including reflectors in pure aluminum and PMMA lenses. This flexibility allows for choosing between different optics, such as narrow and wide road, cycle path, left and right pedestrian crossings, and large area lighting. FLIGHT can be easily installed on a wall or pole with double or single arm outreach.

FLIGHT -T54 - Tunnel lighting


FLIGHT-T54 is the new fixture for road tunnels and highways. The FLIGHT-T54 range offers two sizes: S with high-efficiency aluminum reflectors for permanent lighting and M with PMMA lenses for reinforcement lighting. FLIGHT-T54 can be equipped with brackets allowing for quick attachment to the channel.

BRAVO - Smart solutions for LED lighting


BRAVO - waterproof, high-bay and floodlight fixtures for functional illumination 

The BRAVO line includes the classic suspension high-bay to wall-mounted floodlights and waterproof linear light fixtures. Made by Lewden ensuring all safety and efficiency requirements.

X-TIGUA - Light multiplies


X-TIGUA - up to 120000 lm

X- TIGUA is the new high luminous flux luminaire available in floodlight, suspension and road tunnel versions. X-TIGUA has been designed in a modular form able to adapt to different installation needs.

META 150 - The range expands


Light quality meets maximum efficiency

META150 saves over 70% on energy consumption and, with 230,000 hours of life, reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. Choosing this lighting is an investment that can be amortized in just 2 years.

RINO - Lighting and saving


RINO features:

  • Simplified installation: hooking to the ceiling without opening the device
  • Durable and safe: stainless casing
  • Efficient and effective: high luminous efficiency
  • Visual comfort: UGR glare index <22

TIGUA - Lighting and saving


Tailor-made lighting

TIGUA is the new professional lighting fixture for projection and suspension.
Thanks to the multiple photometric solutions, it guarantees the best visual conditions.

RINO-EX - Lighting and saving


RINO-EX features:

  • Higher safety: for zone 2, 21, 22
  • Durable and safe: stainless casing
  • Can be installed anywhere: in any environment
  • Excellent visual comfort: UGR glare index <22
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