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DARWIN illuminates up to 195000 lm

We are excited to present the new DARWIN, the high-brightness LED floodlight by Palazzoli. Designed to excel in various contexts, from sports facilities to warehouses and shopping centres, DARWIN embodies quality and innovation.

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Behind its extraordinary performances lies cutting-edge technology. Equipped with anti-aging PMMA lenses resistant to UV rays, DARWIN ensures over 90% efficiency and over 95% transparency. This results in exceptional and long-lasting brightness. Made of die-cast aluminium alloy body, DARWIN offers unparalleled resistance even in harsh environments. Its 4mm extra-clear tempered glass diffuser, resistant to shocks and UV rays, ensures uniform light distribution and unmatched durability. Its compact and modular configuration allows for high-level lighting solutions, up to 195,000 lumens, with the outstanding efficiency of 162 lm/W. Thanks to a wide range of optics, both asymmetric and symmetric, DARWIN ensures optimal illumination, guaranteeing safety and visual comfort. Its driver, protected by a sturdy casing, is designed to withstand weather conditions and UV rays, offering reliability and longevity. Upon request, remote control functionality can be integrated. Furthermore, HT versions are designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to +70°C, ensuring consistent performances in any conditions. Compatible with DALI protocol and easily integrable into control systems, DARWIN offers a smart and customizable lighting experience.

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