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ROTOR: Safety anywhere

ROTOR: the safe and high-performance industrial socket

The absolute novelty of ROTOR Palazzoli is the rotoswitched interlocked coupler.

ROTOR is a mobile switched interlocked coupler compliant with IEC60309-1 standard, which incorporates a disconnecting switch (AC-23A) with mechanical interlock to prevent accidents. This mechanism makes ROTOR a safe mobile industrial socket, guaranteeing protection to users and systems.

ROTOR range belongs to the Palazzoli's X-CEE range which includes plugs, sockets, rotoswitched couplers, socket-outlets for panel and wall-mounted versions of 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A.

The ROTOR mobile switched interlocked coupler is the only socket in the world with a rotary switch that prevents access to live parts.


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How does the rotoswitched interlocked coupler work?

The use of the ROTOR rotoswitched interlocked coupler is very simple. By inserting the plug into the non-powered socket and turning the safety ring clockwise, the switch is automatically activated.

To remove the plug, simply turn the safety ring anti-clockwise. Once done, the switch cuts off the power supply and the plug pulls out of the socket in total safety.
The safety ring ensures that the switch is triggered independently, opening or closing the contacts automatically and simultaneously.


Where to use ROTOR?

ROTOR can be used in a variety of applications: field installations, construction sites, major events, markets, entertainment areas, cultural events, exhibition centres, public places, quarries, mines, agricultural and food industries, marinas, commercial ports, and shipyards.

Furthermore, it can be used for all configurations: outdoor manholes, temporary switchboards, extension cables, mobile switchboards, automation switchboards.


Rotor: IP69 protection rating and IK10 impact resistance.

ROTOR reaches the IP69 protection rate, the highest degree of protection. Maximum protection against dust penetration (IP6X), maximum protection against water penetration, even in high-pressure or steam cleaning systems (IPX9).

ROTOR is also suitable for use in the harshest environments, thanks to its IK10 impact resistance. It guarantees resistance to a temperature range of - 40 °C to + 60 °C, which allows the use of socket and plug in all weather conditions.

ROTOR counteracts all environmental hazards: dust, mud, acids, salt, UV rays, humid and corrosive environments, hail, and snow.


Rotor: simplicity of use

The ROTOR range is easy to use thanks to its features:


Rotor: versatility

Indirect HD terminals prevent overheating and cable breakage, are standard on the entire range from 16A to 125A, guaranteeing perfect and stable connections over time and the smooth passage of current.

The panel versions give the freedom to:

Versatility is also found in the total modularity of the plug and socket inserts with the enclosures. Up to 2,436 customised solutions can be created in mobile, panel and wall-mounted versions.


Rotor: compatibility with TAIS

ROTOR is fully compatible with the TAIS series.

Plugs and sockets can be installed:

Rotor's technology is now covered by Italian, American, European, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean patents.