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The new Palazzoli's TAIS wall-mounted socket


The Palazzoli TAIS range allows the creation of distribution boards from 16A to 125A guaranteeing:


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TAIS: performance, compactness, completeness.


In a world where disposable products are a must, “performance” is an obsolete term whereas it is the founding basis for TAIS. This is such a truth that, thanks to its resistance over time, the product family is described as the industrial socket that you can “install and forget about it”.

Performance as resistance of the casing. The casing of each TAIS industrial socket ensures an average life of 10 times longer than casings made of thermoplastic and this is because they are made of PALAZZOLI thermosetting GRP material (Glass reinforced polyester).

TAIS casing guarantees an impact resistance equal to IK10. Furthermore, it is non-deformable and, as a result, it guarantees the tightness of the gaskets in time.

TAIS ensures high resistance to environmental stress. The careful manufacturing of the mechanical components and of the interlocking system (made with steel bracket) guarantees long life and durability (electrical and mechanical) compared to competing sockets on the market.

The switch disconnector is certified to the AC3-AC23A category at rated current and arranged for n.2 auxiliary contacts for status signalling.

Versions from 63A to 125A feature Easy Contact receptacles for maximum contact performance over time and easier connection and disconnection operations.

TAIS excellently resists to humidity, solar radiation, scratches, molds and corrosive atmospheres. TAIS is the best choice for use in environments such as wine cellars, dairies, racetracks, airports, hospitals, parking lots etc.

Since TAIS socket-outlets feature IP66/IP67/IP69 ratings, they are certified against violent high pressure jets and against accidental immersions. Furthermore, these products are is suitable for installation in tiled rooms subject to frequent washing (butchers, fishmongers, swimming pools, etc.).

The handle designed to allow triple padlocking prevents operation by unauthorised persons. The 0-1 handle allows to easily identify the status of the switch even from distance.

The CERAMIC fuse holder base also resists the high temperatures generated in the event of circuit failures and offers an intact and stable support up to 1,400°C.


TAIS is compact. Palazzoli prizes itself of having in its range the smallest 32A interlocked socket in the world. Therefore, the distribution boards made with the new TAIS series are particularly compact and adaptable to all the typical places of tertiary sector or industrial systems: niches, columns, pillars.


When referring to socket-outlets and distribution boards, TAIS presents itself as a complete energy distribution system. The TAIS range from 16A to 125A is equipped with fuses, thermal magnetic circuit breakers, switches and, specific residual-current devices for every need. The operating temperature goes from –25°C to + 50°C (16A – 32A – 63A) and -40°C to + 60°C (125A) in storage from –50°C to + 80°C.

TAIS is not limited to the blue socket, the technical and structural characteristics have been reported in other series, to meet the demands of the market.

The Palazzoli thermosetting GRP material is also used for producing TAIS junction boxes made in various sizes, with an IP67 / IP68 degree of protection, available with high or low, blind or windowed covers.

TAIS CUBE automation and distribution boards are also made of thermosetting material and are the only boards on the market IP66 rated. This characteristic allows them to be used outdoors.

When talking about socket-outlets, in addition to interlocked sockets, the TAIS system offers modular boxes for sockets and plugs, small wall-mounted or flush-mounted appliances. Control is managed by using isolator switches, rotary switches,  selector switched, and push-buttons.

For explosive atmospheres, the thermosetting material is enriched with graphite to make it suitable for environments subject to explosive risk (ATEX).

Compatibility with all the devices of the TAIS system allows to increase the value of the system itself and satisfy the needs of all types of industrial and tertiary systems.