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Virtual midnight serves to reduce consumption by using lighting only when needed.

Thanks to virtual midnight, luminaires tend to reduce consumption by using light only when necessary.

The virtual midnight device calculates and processes the midpoint between the evening switch-on (sunset) and the switch-off of the LED street light in the morning (sunrise).

Using the midpoint as a reference, the reduction of the luminous flux of the LED street assembly can be set and set, which can change according to the needs and lighting regulations to be met.

The virtual midnight system is able to automatically calibrate itself according to the variation of the switching-on and switching-off times of the LED street lights in the different seasons of the year.

Palazzoli luminaires prepared for virtual midnight have the suffix "MV" after the code, example 834210MV


MV product code label

Targa MV
MV product code label

Virtual Midnight

Virtual Midnight
Virtual Midnight

Virtual Midnight is set on Palazzoli's LED street lighting products with this lighting profile:

The time profile can be set according to specific customer requirements.

Palazzoli's FIT 55 "MV" LED street lighting products are set for virtual midnight:

FIT 55

FIT 55
FIT 55 LED street lighting product

“Strada dei Parchi”

Illuminazione strada dei Parchi
Lighting at “Strada dei Parchi”

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