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Alessi jewellery company is illuminated by TIGUA light towers

Professional LED light towers for large areas

The jewellery company Alessi Domenico manufactures and sells gold and silver necklaces and bracelets as well as a range of hand and machine-made jewelleries with diamonds and cubic zirconia.

Needs of a lighting installation in large outdoor areas:

To be able to manoeuvre in complete safety. To reduce glare and ensure a well-lit area. Compliance with environmental laws on the protection from light pollution.

Glare-free light towers for outdoor areas: TIGUA the solution

TIGUA LED light towers, with a G4 glare index, guarantee a drastic reduction in the risk of accidents. TIGUA complies with ULR 0% light pollution restrictions. The road optics allow a better perception of the shape and colour of objects whether stationary or moving, a better perception of the surrounding environment and better visibility in manoeuvring areas. Lighting is provided by six 15-metre high light towers and ten street light fixtures.


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