Case Study

Gemmo S.p.A. electrifies the Arena di Verona with Palazzoli's TAIS socket-outlets

Gemmo has electrified the Arena di Verona with Palazzoli's TAIS socket-outlets.

A winning partnership to equip the world's largest stage with the uncompromising quality of TAIS.

Verona, [07/05/2024] - The Arena di Verona, a symbol of culture, history, and architectural magnificence, is infused with new energy thanks to the collaboration between Gemmo and Palazzoli. The leading electromechanical company has provided the reliable TAIS panel to the world's largest stage, a thermosetting product that ensures superior quality over time.

The project, a result of synergy between Gemmo S.p.A. and Palazzoli S.p.A., is a tangible example of how Italian excellence can come together to achieve extraordinary results.

TAIS, with its interlocked socket-outlets and cutting-edge technology, ensures efficient and safe energy distribution, essential for a venue of such great importance and prestige as the Arena di Verona.

"This partnership represents a turning point in the electrification of critical environments such as the Arena di Verona," commented Luigino Pellizzaro, site manager at Gemmo S.p.A. "We are proud to contribute with Palazzoli technology to the electrification of one of the most iconic cultural venues in the world."

Thanks to TAIS solutions as well, the Arena di Verona not only offers performances of the highest artistic quality but also guarantees unprecedented safety and reliability.

Palazzoli's thermosetting products do not burn, drip, emit toxic gases, or deform. They are suitable for all environments, both indoor and outdoor, as they have excellent resistance to corrosive substances, sunlight, heavy rain, hail, impacts, vibrations, and mechanical stresses in general, as well as particularly low or high temperatures, in dirty environments, and in aseptic environments treated with disinfectants.

Thermosetting products ensure a lifespan five times longer than those made of thermoplastic and require practically no maintenance.

The electrification of the Arena di Verona with Palazzoli's TAIS panels represents a step forward in safety in the entertainment industry, confirming Italy as a global reference point for engineering excellence and product quality.

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