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FLIGHT the new ideal road luminaire for Smart Cities

Palazzoli is proud to present FLIGHT, a complete range of high-efficiency street lighting fixtures distinguished by their sustainability, durability, and high-level lighting performance.

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Designed with a keen eye on the needs of modern Smart Cities, the FLIGHT series offers quality light, excellent colour rendering, and high energy efficiency while ensuring maximum visual impact and a significant reduction in operational costs.

The FLIGHT series is the result of in-depth research on shapes and light perception, ensuring excellent uniformity and adaptability to the diverse needs of urban lighting. Equipped with an innovative optical system that allows photometry adjustments up to 5 positions, FLIGHT enables modification of front and side light emission even on already installed products, ensuring optimal and safe illumination. This flexibility in adapting optics also for cycle path lighting contributes to road user safety. FLIGHT completes its offer with a wide range of control options, including adjustments with internal product timers and wireless systems for IoT integration, enabling dynamic and real-time management of public lighting. Thanks to its versatility, FLIGHT can be easily integrated with light management devices via ZHAGA or NEMA socket, ensuring universal and reliable connectivity.

Made with high-quality materials, such as low copper content die-cast aluminium alloy and impact-resistant extra-clear tempered glass, FLIGHT ensures maximum resistance even in harsh environments. Its proprietary LED modules, protected from short circuit, overvoltage, and overtemperature, guarantee reliable and long-lasting performances.

With a wide choice between 99.9% pure aluminium reflectors or PMMA lenses with over 95% transparency, FLIGHT offers unparalleled flexibility, adapting to every street lighting scenario. The universal and adjustable mounting system is suitable for pole head and arm mounting, ensuring simple and safe installation on a wide range of poles. With luminous efficiency up to 165lm/W and the ability to adjust colour temperature from 2200K to 5700K, FLIGHT offers superior performances at a competitive price, confirming itself as the "best in class" product in the street lighting landscape.

With FLIGHT, Palazzoli continues to guarantee the highest quality standards, offering an innovative and reliable solution resulting from smart engineering processes carried out in our research and development department.

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