Switched sockets with mechanical interlock and fuse-holder, for flush mounting 50-60Hz IP66/IP67

Data sheet Rated current Rated operating voltage Poles Clock Position Code
16A 110V 2P+ 4h 490124
16A 110V 3P+ 4h 490134
16A 110V 3P+N+ 4h 490144
16A 230V 2P+ 6h 490126
16A 230V 3P+ 9h 490139
16A 230V 3P+N+ 9h 490149
16A 400V 2P+ 9h 490129
16A 400V 3P+ 6h 490136
16A 400V 3P+N+ 6h 490146
32A 110V 2P+ 4h 490224
32A 110V 3P+ 4h 490234
32A 110V 3P+N+ 4h 490244
32A 230V 2P+ 6h 490226
32A 230V 3P+ 9h 490239
32A 230V 3P+N+ 9h 490249
32A 400V 2P+ 9h 490229
32A 400V 3P+ 6h 490236
32A 400V 3P+N+ 6h 490246
32A 380/440V 3P+ 3h 490233

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