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Corrosion-resistant LED floodlights

Porto Marghera is one of the largest coastal industrial areas in Europe and covers a total of over 2,000 hectares, of which:

This is a list of problems to be faced by lighting installations in port areas:

XTIGUA solution:

The XTIGUA floodlights installed at Porto Marghera have a luminous flux of 48800 lumens, this guarantees high visibility which results into greater safety. An accurate selection of the lighting solution makes it easier to detect obstacles and provides greater visibility for the movement of goods, a daily activity in an industrial port.

One of the main advantages of XTIGUA floodlights installed in large areas, where high fluxes are required, is their low energy consumption.

When comparing the same light output, XTIGUA consumes much less energy than conventional discharge floodlights. Port lighting with XTIGUA floodlights guarantees an efficiency of 130 lumens/Watt and a lifetime of 230,000 hours. These numbers correspond to considerable savings over time and a quick return on investment.

Having a C5-M corrosion class (the highest), the XTIGUA floodlights cope with the problem of saltiness and safely illuminate coastal areas with high salinity over time.



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