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Industrial lighting

Palazzoli has designed products with high lighting performances, energy saving, extreme ease of installation and total absence of maintenance for fields of application as industrial plants, food sector, storage warehouses, sports and shopping centres.


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ATEX lighting

Palazzoli is a market leader in ATEX lighting products, Palazzoli designs anti-explosion equipment for hazardous environments.

Power plants, chemical industries, oil platforms, military bases, and refineries are just some of the areas of application where light fixtures must prevent any spark propagation and ensure safe and reliable operation over time.

IEC 60079-10 sets out the basic rules for electrical installations in places where there is a risk of explosion, whether due to the presence of gas or combustible dust. The classification of hazardous areas is based on a special calculation model called the IEC zone system.

The IEC zone system model is based on the likelihood of an explosive atmosphere occurring and its persistence over time inside the rooms, which therefore become fundamental parameters for the classification of hazardous areas.

For environments with presence of flammable gases and combustible dusts Palazzoli manufactures:



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Infrastructure lighting

Thanks to the great variety of optical solutions developed, which allow maximum versatility and customised solutions, Palazzoli has the answer for any kind of need, whatever the road sections to be illuminated or the installation heights of the floodlights for roads and motorways, roundabouts, junctions, and car parks.

The use of LED technology brings economic and technical advantages to infrastructure lighting.

Types of infrastructure lighting:

Palazzoli specifically manufactures LED road light fixtures (roundabouts, roads, and motorways) for LED tunnel lighting (road and motorway tunnels).


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Palazzoli offers 7 years of warranty (2 + 5) on all LED light fixtures.

With the sales of its lighting products, Palazzoli contributes to the Research on Breast Cancer Immunotherapy.