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IKEA of Brescia, electrified with TAIS sockets

Impact-resistant industrial interlocked sockets

IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, who at the age of 17 received an award from his father for his commitment to the studio he used to start his business.

IKEA is a multinational company based in Sweden, specializing in the sale of furniture and furnishing accessories.

The electrical system of the new store in Roncadelle (Brescia) has been built with cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of a large company.

The point of sale consists of two underground parking floors and as many floors that house the exhibition, the shop and the offices.


The electrical system of the IKEA garage has been built according to the requirements for the M.A.R.C.I. (Maggior rischio in caso di incendio Greater risk in case of fire) type C places and in particular:


The problems faced by the installation company of the electrical system were:

SOLUTION for the electrical system:

The TAIS Series by Palazzoli has as its main feature the case in THERMOSETTING material.

This resin does not spread fire (self-extinguishing=VO and GWT 960°C), has a shock resistance equal to IK 10 and high thickness, separates the microclimate inside the socket from the outside.

Thermosetting is a non-deformable and hydrophobic material, so it does not dilate and does not allow condensation to form.


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