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The food company Tavina SPA, electrified and illuminated with topTER sockets and Meta 150 suspension light fixtures

Design intervention in the industrial field of the electrical and lighting system

The new Tavina SPA plant was built by applying all the principles of Industry 4.0. This will allow to double the current production capacity (about 400 million bottles a year).

The Tavina SPA source company is one of the most famous in the mineral water production market, the plant was built by the Enpower company with Palazzoli products.

The electrical system needed to implement the safety of the production area.

Why Palazzoli's topTER interlocked sockets?

TopTER has a double degree of protection IP66/IP67, which makes it totally isolated from dust and water resistant. The high visibility operation allows the circuit-breaker status to be checked even from a distance. In situations of use by inexperienced personnel, the reinforced watertight seal of topTER protects people from accidental contact with live parts. The topTER series allows you to create compact switchboards from 1 to 4 sockets.

The lighting system, linked to the industrial application sector, needed to:

Why the META 150 suspension light fixtures by Palazzoli?

Making safety standards high is one of Palazzoli's main objectives.


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