Switched sockets in thermosetting (GRP) with mechanical interlock and DIN rail (M125), for wall mounting IP66/IP67/IP69

Data sheet Rated current Frequency Rated operating voltage Poles Clock Position Code
16A 50/60Hz 230V 2P+ 6h 472020
16A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+ 6h 472130
16A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+N+ 6h 472240
32A 50/60Hz 230V 2P+ 6h 472021
32A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+ 6h 472131
32A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+N+ 6h 472241
32A 50/60Hz 380/440V 3P+ 3h 472133
63A 50/60Hz 230V 2P+ 6h 472022
63A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+ 6h 472132
63A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+N+ 6h 472242