Switched sockets in thermosetting (GRP) with mechanical interlock and fuse-holder (M125), for wall mounting IP66/IP67/IP69

Data sheet Rated current Frequency Rated operating voltage Poles Clock Position Code
32A 50/60Hz 110V 2P+ 4h 472611
32A 50/60Hz 110V 3P+ 4h 472711
32A 50/60Hz 110V 3P+N+ 4h 472811
32A 50/60Hz 230V 2P+ 6h 472621
32A 50/60Hz 230V 3P+ 9h 472721
32A 50/60Hz 230V 3P+N+ 9h 472821
32A 50/60Hz 400V 2P+ 9h 472631
32A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+ 6h 472731
32A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+N+ 6h 472831
32A 50/60Hz 500V 3P+ 7h 472751
32A 50/60Hz 500V 3P+N+ 7h 472841
32A 50/60Hz 600-690V 3P+ 5h 472754
32A 50/60Hz 600-690V 3P+N+ 5h 472854
32A 50/60Hz >50V for isolation transformer 2P+ 12h 472641
32A 50/60Hz >50V for isolation transformer 3P+ 12h 472761
32A 100-300Hz >50V 2P+ 10h 472651
32A 100-300Hz >50V 3P+ 10h 472781
32A 100-300Hz >50V 3P+N+ 10h 472871
32A >300-500Hz >50V 2P+ 2h 472661
32A >300-500Hz >50V 3P+ 2h 472791
32A >300-500Hz >50V 3P+N+ 2h 472881
32A 60Hz 440-460V 3P+ 11h 472741
32A 60Hz 440-460V 3P+N+ 11h 472851
32A DC >50-250V 2P+ 3h 472671
32A 50/60Hz 380/440V 3P+ 3h 472771
32A 50/60Hz 380-440V 3P+N+ 3h 472861
63A 50/60Hz 110V 2P+ 4h 472612
63A 50/60Hz 110V 3P+ 4h 472712
63A 50/60Hz 110V 3P+N+ 4h 472812
63A 50/60Hz 230V 2P+ 6h 472622
63A 50/60Hz 230V 3P+ 9h 472722
63A 50/60Hz 230V 3P+N+ 9h 472822
63A 50/60Hz 400V 2P+ 9h 472632
63A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+ 6h 472732
63A 50/60Hz 400V 3P+N+ 6h 472832
63A 50/60Hz 500V 3P+ 7h 472752
63A 50/60Hz 500V 3P+N+ 7h 472842
63A 50/60Hz 600-690V 3P+ 5h 472755
63A 50/60Hz 600-690V 3P+N+ 5h 472855
63A 50/60Hz >50V for isolation transformer 2P+ 12h 472642
63A 50/60Hz >50V for isolation transformer 3P+ 12h 472762
63A 60Hz 440-460V 3P+ 11h 472742
63A 60Hz 440-460V 3P+N+ 11h 472852
63A DC >50-250V 2P+ 3h 472672

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